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It is always hard to find cute clothes without spending well over $100 for one piece of clothing at times. As girls, most of can agree that we detest wearing the same outfit two weekends in a row (at least, I do). But we hate it even more when we come to the realization that we only have $10.00 to spend after buying that sexy outfit from Bebe at the mall. 
Now what? 
Well, if you haven't browsed through my store KNOWSTYLE, you are in luck!
We have sexy dresses, skirts, jackets and pants and every item is below $50.00. Like what you see? Tap on the picture below and it will direct you to the place where you can view details and pricing of the outfits. 

Happy Hump Day! 


This bodysuit is super comfortable, especially because it's stretchy! You don't have to worry about anything riding up when you are out and about and dancing with your girlfriends on Friday night! 

We love bomber jackets! Do you have one? We have it in every pastel colors as well as nude, white and black! Search "Bomber Jackets" in the search bar on top to view the whole collection! The best part about it is that it's a windbreaker and water resistant!

Meow-zer! What do you think of this catsuit? This is one of our most popular items in the store... Especially because it is the best Netflix and Chill outfit when you are going over to your friends (or boyfriends) house to chill. I actually like wearing mine as PJs because I don't have to wear undergarments. 

Who is ready for the beach? This long dress is perfect for a night out in Florida, California, or even GREECE!? The back is open, so it is sexy, but it is still classy. I love this dress because the vertical lines make you look taller, slimmer and sexier. 

We just got this in the store and I have a great feeling that this is going to be one of our hit items! We sold out of the black sexy mesh jumpsuit so quick, that we had to reorder it again! Well, now we have this variation in a sexy dress and it comes in black and red. That girl is on FIRE! 

Absolutely Fierce & Fabulous. I love this two piece set because you can wear the bottoms for work with some cute, classy nude top, or you can wear the outfit above to a sexy date! The unique thing about this outfit is that it comes with a cape, so every time you walk down the street, everyone is going to glance at your new outfit (and body). Btw, it is stretchy, so you don't have to worry about the crazy zippers.

Feelin' a little goddess-y today? Well, we have the perfect goddess outfit for you. It is sexy, but also beautiful because the mesh like material is very flowy. If you are looking for a goddess dress or looking for a Cleopatra dress, this is the perfect outfit to buy today. 


Well, that was fun! Thanks for reading my blog today. I forgot to mention that all of our clothes are on sale 20% off, but here is a promocode for extra 10% off your order today.

10% off Promo Code: CHECKOUT




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