Miswak Club | A Natural (Toothpasteless) Toothbrush?

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Have you ever seen a tooth brush like this? It's a natural tooth brush that doesn't require any toothpaste (whoa). 

So, I decided to give this unconventional toothbrush a try. According to the website, it is a toothbrush picked from the tree "Salvadora persica," which is also known as "Peelu." It was featured in Yahoo News and Fast Company, so it has to be legit, right? 


Surprisingly, there are a lot of natural, beneficial properties within this little root lookin' thing. 


Natural properties found within the miswak:

Natural antiseptics

The miswak contains numerous antiseptics that kill harmful microorganisms, which cause bad breath, mouth ulcers, gum disease as well as bleeding of the gum.


Silica acts as an abrasive material, which removes stains and other deposits from the surface of the tooth… or in short, whitens your teeth.

Sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate has an abrasive effect when rubbed against the teeth. Heck, even the ‘American Dental Associate’ recommends sodium bicarbonate as a preferred ingredient in toothpastes. This is the best whitening toothpaste alternative out there.


Natural resin form a layer over the enamel when the miswak is used. This then acts as a shield and protects your teeth from microbial action.

Essential oils

The miswak contains natural scented oils that serve as two functions. The first is fresher breath, as the natural scent perfumes your mouth and the second is that it helps stimulate the flow of saliva. 


To help you guys understand a little bit more about this AWESOME product, I took some pictures to show you how to use this "organic" toothbrush.

1. I absolutely love the packaging of this product! It says "Hand-Packaged With Love," in the corner which is very appealing because I am all about DIYs. When you slide the box open, it comes with two Miswak Sticks (or Toothbrushes) and polka-dot print cotton cloth (Super Cute). It is perfect for a gift to a friend or a family member. 


2. Once you open the package, it says to dip the tooth brush in water for 4 hours. I think you should open the package and dip the stick in water in the morning, then go to work or run some errands. It makes time go a little faster than staring at this stick for four hours, right?


3. Yay!! The stick is ready for use 4 to 5 hours later. Make sure your hands are clean because you are going to have to trim the bark (caveman style, babes).


4. Tackle the Stick. Kill it. Just Kidding. 


5. Trim 1/2 inch from the bark in an upward motion. As if you were sharpening a pencil. It shouldn't be hard to shave off the bark because the stick has been soaking in water for couple of hours. 


6. Tada! It should look like the picture above. Then Nibble gently on the Miswak until it begins to form little bristles (like an actual toothbrush!)


7. Wash the stick, then move it in an "Up & Down" motion on your teeth. Over and over again! 


I really liked this concept of using an organic toothbrush and I'd definitely recommend this to my friends. I think it is marvelous that all of the natural properties are inside the stick, unlike a conventional, man-made toothpaste. 

However, I have to say that there is a weird smell to the toothbrush that I had to get used to. Other than that, I think this is a great product for people who are into using organic, natural products. 

It can't get any better than this :)

Join the Miswak Club Here 

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