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"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." 

Public Speaking can be petrifying (for most of us). Even though I studied Journalism in college and did some minor on-camera work, I've never had the spotlight on me. It is easy to say that "If you practice your lines, you'll nail it." 

The reality is, when you are up on stage speaking in front of 500 people including the Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, The Mayor of Macon County Robert Reichert (pronounced Rick-ert and I almost screwed that up 80 times), The US Congress Representative Sanford Bishop of Georgia, The President and CEO of Kumho Tire Han Seob Lee and the President and CEO of KIA Motors Manufacturing Georgia and 30 other leaders from South Korea, it is terrifying. 

I memorized and repeatedly practiced my lines all weekend, but it was never enough. 

"Dear Heavenly Father, I hope you give me the strength to do well today and if I mess up, please give me the courage to continue speaking in front of the crowd," I prayed. I remember slowly counting down the time until I had to go on stage. Then I heard a voice inside me, "You can do it. You worked so hard your whole life to do this. Don't worry if you mess up, you will be fine. You're going to do great." 

Then I remember the producer Sammy Kim from Empire Entertainment tapping my shoulder and saying "Break a leg." 

I read my lines on stage and almost choked on my words once or twice, but it was turned out great. The thing is, if I was doing on-camera work, this wouldn't bother me as much because you can take 100 takes if you needed to.

Public Speaking-- you have one and only one chance to do it right. 

I am so happy that I am trilangual (English, Korean and French) because the fact that I knew how to speak English and Korean fluently really helped me understand the producers as well as the crowd at the event. 

Minutes before the show started, I looked at myself in the mirror one more time, the Red bodycon dress (Buy Here) was perfectly fitting against my curves. It was sexy, slim and professional and of course, it was Kumho Tire's brand colors. I curled my hair, then pulled it back to one side and wore my gold Kenneth Cole Earrings (obsessed). I wore my NARS Red Lipstick that I got from NARS at the Shops at Buckhead to match my dress and Black Guess Closed Toe heels. 

I absolutely love how fiery, fierce and red the dress is. I mean you can spot me from a mile away. Simplicity is everything. I feel like some clothing companies add too much details to the clothes they are selling, which actually can take away from it because the focus should be you. The dress or outfit should complement you. It should never be too overbearing (unless you are Lady Gaga), but I think simple and sexy is the way to go. Well, enough about the dress.

The event was simply marvelous. I am very grateful that CMT Agency in Atlanta, GA booked me for such high-profile event and gave me the opportunity to present myself at a prestigious event.

Of course, there was a lot of positive press for this grand opening event. I believe that this is such a historical moment for Georgia's economical and industrial development because it is going to create more jobs for people in Georgia. I am very proud of Kumho Tires and the State of Georgia. I can't wait to see what this opportunity leads to in the future. 

*           *           *           *            *

If you are reading this article, I hope that this inspires you to follow your dreams and passion. Don't worry about the money when you are in your 20's because if you are passionate about what you are doing, the wealth and money will follow.

I remember when I was in high school, I used to make silly YouTube videos (and I still do) in hopes that I can be a MC one day. My idol is Guiliana Rancic ( and she still is!) I really wanted to MC in college, so I started interviewing local DJs (Click to see my first interview!) and now, I have been interviewing international DJs at Imagine Music Festival last year (Click to watch the video) and this year too!

All of these opportunities led to this and I am very fortunate that I was able to be part of Kumho Tire's Georgia Plant Grand Opening Ceremony. This is just the beginning though. 

Jooliana Kim

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