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ESPY Award Ceremony 2016 was held yesterday August, 14, 2016. It is an award show that recognizes teams and individuals for their athletic achievements. Of course, one of the most memorable aspects of award shows is the Red Carpet Experience. If you didn't have the chance to watch it, you can re-watch the ESPY 2016 (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award) Red Carpet Recap here! 

Of course, everyone was dressed to impress on the red carpet, so we gathered the best styles and found you outfits that you can rock everyday (for cheap). We always want you to be on top of the latest fashion trends without breaking your bank account! 

 1. Danielle Moinet


Don't you just love her sexy outfit? Daneille Moinet is a professional wrestler valet, model, actress and a former football player (seriously??). She is rockin' the sexy black mesh dress, but I bet you this dress cost her thousands of dollars. If you like her outfit, we have a way for you to look like her without breaking your bank. What do you think of this bodysuit and mesh maxi skirt? The black mesh top only costs $24.99 and the mesh maxi skirt is $33.99, which means the whole outfit is less than $60.00 (Score!!)



2. Jessie James Decker


Jessica Rose "Jessie" James Decker is an American country pop singer-songwriter and reality T.V. personality. She was at ESPY supporting her lovely husband, Erik Decker. Did you hear that they also released a steamy music video? (owow!) 

Back to fashion ladies. So, Jessie is totally keeping it classy and formal, but she is always on top of the trend game. As you all know, the off shoulder phenomenon has been continuously growing in the fashion industry.  If you like her off shoulder jumpsuit, we have some selections for you :-) If you like the off shoulder fitted dress, than jumpsuits... we have one here for you. But, some people love jumpsuits, especially that is off the shoulder in one sleeve, so we have a variety. 




3. Lolo Jones 


Lori "Lolo" Jones is an American track and field and bobsled athlete who specializes in the 60 and 100 meter hurdles. She won three NCAA titles and garnered 11 All-American honors while at Louisiana State University. Not only is she a rockstar, but she is also gorgeous on the red carpet (probably one of my favorite outfits!). She is all about nude mesh cut outs, so we decided to follow her look and pull some dresses that are the same. If you like v necks, this dress is perfect for you because it has a deep plunge and it has various colors and symmetrical patterns. If you like the one shoulder look, this mesh accent dress is perfect because it shows your cleavage and you can still look classy and hot. 



4. Olivia Munn Wilson 


What would you do if you were married to Russell Wilson? Your life would be complete, right? Well we have this gorgeous lady Olivia Munn Wilson in this white dress, in particular, we love love love (did we say love yet?) her gold ring accents! Of course, the ring accent dresses have been setting the trend in the industry for a while now. We have two different styles for you. The first dress with the various sizes of gold rings are super popular at our store. We have a variety of sizes of black and white for you. The second dress is more unconventional. It has stitches around the breast area as accents and the gold rings are not as visible. What do you think? 




Thank you for taking your time to read this blog! I hope this inspires you to continuously find ways to follow your dreams! If you like what you see, go buy it! Don't forget to use promocode: ThankU




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