Dress Like Your Favorite Stars From IHeartRadio MMVAs 2016

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Hey #KShotties! 
As you all know, IHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards was last night. Which means, everyone on the red carpet is dressed to impress! KnowStyle collected the best dressed female super stars and found outfits you can rock in an affordable budget. 
Various fashionable dresses and even pants were popular on the red carpet this year. So, let's get started! 

1. Silky Sexy Ashley Benson & Shay Mitchell

Who doesn't love Pretty Little Liars? Of course, Shay and Ashley rocked their own silky sexy dresses on the red carpet. Ashley who has blonde hair wore a feminine blush silk dress while sexy vixen Shay rocked a black dress with a statement belt. I must say, her belt blew Kendall Jenner's Bri Bri belt out of the water (Bye, felicia!)
If you like what you see, you have to check out KnowStyle's Silk collection. The silk blush and olive romper is a popular item in our store. It is very soft and silky and the perfect outfit to wear to a date. Pair it with some nude heels or wedges and you are ready to go out and about. The only thing I advise about this jumpsuit is that you want to make sure you iron it (at low heat) because it creases very easily because of the material. 
If you are more like Shay Mitchell and you want to be bold and beautiful, this dress is perfect for you. Wear the red silk dress with your favorite black heels or the olive dress with some nude heels. I do advise that you buy this dress in a size bigger because it doesn't stretch like other dresses in the store. 

2. Fly Away Shins Gigi Hadid

I don't know about you, but every time I see pants like the ones that Gigi is wearing, it looks like she has wings (beats Redbull). Bell bottoms are coming back, in style. Remember when people started wearing jeans with slits in the knees? Let's just slit the shins and make it look fabulous. Would you say yes or no to this outfit? 

3. 90's Baby Hailee Steinfeld

Not only is she beautiful and young, but she's fashionable and talented! I can't get over how amazing of a performer she is. I love her song, "Love Myself." If you are going through a break-up because of a dumb boy who broke your heart, you should (and must) listen to this song. She's right, you should love yourself babe. Hailee totally rocked the choker look at the MMVA's (I mean it screams the 90's) and she just looks so fabulous, fierce and sexy. 

Tap To View Basic Black Thick Choker and Thin Choker

Tap To View Colorful Chokers 

4. Simply Glamourous Lucy Hale

Oh Lucy, you totally nailed that silver tube dress. Pretty Little Liars totally dominated the MMVA red carpet this year (don't you think?) Sometimes, simple and less is better. Tube dresses are totally in this year because it is simple, yet it accentuates your curves. So, KnowStyle has every color for you. If you are a tall gal, you can rock the midi length tube dress and if you are a short girl like me, you can rock the short tube dress. Wear it with some statement necklace and you are fashionably fabulous.


Tap To View Outfit Details

Tap To View Outfit Details



That's it for now, ladies! I hope we inspired you through this fashion blog post and always remember to "Dress With Dignity."





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