Casting & More


We, here at Know Style, work with some of the best modeling agencies and the coolest girls to show case our clothing. We always welcome professional or aspiring models to apply to work with us. We look for Atlanta based, chic and sassy girls to be our models for our online-store. Previous experience is recommended, but not required. Let's be clear, though! We love to have fun and relax here at Know Style, but we work our butts off to make every effort count!


If you're interested, send us an email with your: 

  • Information (Weight, Height, Eye color) 
  • Facebook, Instagram and/or Blog link
  • Headshot
  • Half shot
  • Full shot

(Non-photoshopped pictures)



Influencers, Bloggers, Celebs & Photographers

We love collaborating with you. If you are interested in collaborating with KnowStyle, please send us an email of any blog and/or social media website you will use to promote. You can send an email to:

If you are a fashion blogger, click here


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